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When it comes to foam parties, we have done the most foam parties in Westchester & Fairfield County.
We were the first company to bring the foam party to Westchester & Fairfield County. We have done over 275 foam parties going into 2024. Make sure you book your guaranteed BEST DAY EVER now!

All we need from you is power and water supply and flat grass or concrete, we take care of the rest!


Foam Party FAQS

Will the foam ruin my lawn?

The most asked question. The foam will not ruin the lawn, but 30-40 kids romping and stomping could leave a mark. 

Can you do foam on concrete?

What happens if it rains?

How many kids can 

be in the foam?

1 cannon can handle 40-50 kids but we recommend 2 cannons for bigger events.

Yes! it's not slippery at all and we have a microphone to remind everyone to not run. We actually prefer driveways for foam parties.

Your deposit can be used to reschedule up to 3 months from the event date. However, we have done foam parties in the rain with great success.

What age group is appropriate?

We recommend 4 and up. Little kids can be scared at first, but eventually they will get comfortable

Is the foam safe for allergies or rashes?

Yes! We use American made ingredients which consist of SLES(sodium lauryl sulfate) and Glycerin. The same ingredients as baby shampoo. Millions of kids have been in the foam with no allergic reactions.

How long does it take

for the foam to go away

once the party is over?

Not long at all. Once we turn off the foam cannon, the foam will dissipate or blow away in less than an hour.

Is the foam party worth the cost?

100%! We don't just bring foam, we bring an EXPERIENCE with trendy music, games, giveaways, a group picture, and MC hosting with a microphone.

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