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Bubbles and fun for everyone! An exciting and interactive show that is sure to delight and amaze groups of all sizes. Treat your guests to the magic of bubbles with My Bubble Guy's bubble show.

Bubble Show FAQS

What age group is appropriate?

We feel like kids of all age groups will have fun and enjoy the bubble experience!

Do the kids get wet?

No, they will not get soaked, they may get some foam on their head but not too much to get them drenched.

What happens if it rains?

Your deposit can be applied towards a rescheduled date up to 3 months from the event booking, but we have done bubbles in the rain with great success!

What is included in the bubble show?

We have music, and giveaways, and there is an option to add bubble workshop or kid in a bubble.

How many kids can participate?

We advise less than 30 for private parties, but we can do bubbles for public events and festivals with no issues.

What's the difference between the indoor show and the outdoor show?

The indoor show is an actual show where the kids sit and watch. The outdoor show is more of an open ended experience in which the kids can run and chase the bubbles.

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